Dear Greg,
Once again you are the man.  The god of woodworking that walks among us - oh yes.  I like the tea caddy ever so much better than the photo I sent to you.  But then what would I expect from a genius?!  Anything less?!  I think not - ha ! no. Merry Christmas from L.G.

Mr. Towne / Gregory Williams,
Purchased one of your boxes at Ann Arbor Mich. Street fair.  Didn't realize how you'd carved it from one piece of wood, hollowing out the cavity as you did and reattaching the lid.  Wonderful concept and we are enjoying box.  Thanks you, Karen W

The box is lovely !  Thank you !  The box, not the platter, will be the heirloom.  I wish Al could have lived to see it.  I know he would have loved it, too.  He looked for several years to find someone who would do this job, and your finished product would have made him happy, I'm sure.  Good luck with your work.  You do such a great job.  Sincerely, Christine I

The boxes arrived today - they are beautiful.  Thanks again.  It was good doing business with you - Katie E.

Words could not describe what these legacy boxes meant to our parents.  I am going to be on the lookout for wood this spring.  Would like to pursue some miniature chests with you at some point.  Have a wonderful New Year and hope to see you soon. R B W