(See Resume here)

After college (chemical engineering, class of '74) and a brief stint as a plastics research lab tech, I moved to the woods and set up a tipi. To say this was a turning point would be an understatement. I moved from mixing chemicals in a mold to carving spoons from pieces of wood I found near my campsite.

35 years later I'm still making things and still scavenging for wood; I have, however, expanded my search from fallen trees to leavings from other industries (pallet factories to veneer mills), and my toolkit has expanded from a pocket knife to a world class woodworking shop (especially if you like machines from the 1950's).

Always a student of architecture, I also studied furniture design at Parson's School of Design in New York and work in a solid wood style that I call craftsman deco. While my current work is no doubt similar to things I've made before, each piece is unique since no molds or mass production setups are utilized. It is for this reason that my work is not available in stores and can only be purchased directly from me.

Thank you for your interest in my work.